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A Style Profile with Krista Ference

This pandemic will change how we dress and fashion will follow suit.
Growing up in Vernon, British Columbia, I can remember my earliest encounters with fashion, with a definite sense of fondness and nostalgia. Down the road there was Orchard Park Mall. We didn't really have a lot of access but I would go to Aldo or Le Chateau, other stores like that. And I always really loved back to school shopping. 

Even as a professional snowboarder and competing in four X-games, I mostly lived in snowboard clothes and under layers, I still always enjoyed expressing myself through my wardrobe on and off the slopes. I just have always had a love of style and fashion. As soon as I retired from snowboarding, and began to live in bigger cities where my husband played hockey, I was exposed to fashion a lot more. 

Krista (left) & husband Andrew Ference (right).

My husband, Andrew Ference, played professional hockey in a few different cities, but it was during his time with the Boston Bruins, where I was meeting really incredible and super stylish women. Boston was just this whole other fashion scene and I started hosting parties and merchandising events for Saks Fifth Avenue, Jimmy Choo, and David Yurman. I was also part of a committee that brought Christian Louboutin to Boston.

Krista Ference (left) & Christian Louboutin (right) in Boston.

It was really where I started to refine my skills as a stylist and curator. After we decided that we would make Edmonton our home, after Andrew retired, I thought to myself, “what's the next thing?” 

At the beginning of the pandemic, and after some encouragement from a friend, I began to put my dreams for the future down on paper. That eventually evolved into a business plan, and life/styled was officially born. Launched during a very unconventional year, I am looking forward to seeing what future, fashion has in-store for itself. I feel like there is this movement growing for people to look good and feel good. People I think will be putting a little bit more effort into themselves to boost their spirits, and I want to be part of that. This pandemic will change how we dress and fashion will follow suit. The corporate buttoned up, super tailored look, I feel, is going to relax. In fact, it already has. Dress pants are not going to be the requirement. I do think that people are going to be looking for a lot more authenticity. 
With a year now behind us of baggy, work-from-home styles, I believe there will be a new normal of comfort, while still being presentable. 

Even though sweatpants are acceptable, there's a polished way of doing it. There's always an elevated, polished, fashionable and tidy way of dressing. You can be in sweatpants, but you can also make them look damn good. That’s what life/styled is here to help with.  

Since zoom calls and video conferences aren’t going anywhere, here are some of my tips for pandemic work dressing where you can still put your best dressed self forward. 

Top Tips For a Styled And Put Together Virtual Meeting

  • Make sure you achieve good lighting, set up your call close to a window for natural light or  ring lights like these also make a great addition
  • Tidy up the background that can be seen in your video call and remove anything distracting, adding an interesting design element like a painting or even fresh florals 
  • Women should try to avoid dangly jewelry that could make noise and be distracting during the call
  • For men try a really nice tailored jacket with lapel pin and a pocket square, a button up shirt underneath or a sweater is another great option
  • Hair and makeup should be more minimal, while looking polished but not overdone
  • Very fine patterns such as pinstripes can also create a distracting effect on camera and are best to be avoided
  • A good angle is also key. Try to position your camera slightly above parallel to your face so it’s looking down on you slightly, this is a very flattering angle and will highlight your best features

Future Fashion Forecast 

I think moving into 2021 we should be very, very realistic about what this next year is going to look like. Now is a really good time to make slow fashion purchases, make good investments so you have things coming out of 2021, that you'll have forever. I am all about smart purchases rather than volume.

It is also worth evaluating your closet. What do you have that you love? What is not serving you? Or what could you re-purpose through tailoring or altering that would allow you to get wear out of a piece you’ve fallen out of love with in its current state?  At life/styled we are here to help you streamline and organize your closet so it serves you, help you research and find new fashion purchases that suit your style and what you already have, and even help suggest ways to tailor pieces to maximize wear.   

I also am a supporter of supporting local shops and taking advantage of all of the new convenience options there are to stay safe and still pick up the pieces you’re looking for to round out your wardrobe in the new year. I think by doing a little bit of research to see which shops are providing online options is a great idea. We have all of these new wonderful ways of doing things and our access has just gotten a lot better in many ways. I am also thrilled to be partnered with Holt Renfrew Calgary, bringing Holts back to Edmonton. Through our partnership we can help discover exclusive labels and designer fashion for the Edmonton market. Contact us with your list and we can source it, ship it and even manage your returns right from your doorstep. Or sign up for a virtual shopping appointment or join me in Calgary for personal shopping in Holt’s private shopping suite. 

To receive exclusive designer fashion launch information, for trunk sales, for shopping details with our partners and other style inspiration and service information, please follow our Instagram @your_lifestyled .

So welcome to my newest evolution. life/styled is my passion for helping you build a quality wardrobe that makes you feel your best. With our white glove concierge services I help organize your fashion life, save you time and build your personal brand. Dressing well should be fun and easy. More than anything I want you to invest in yourself this year. I hope you’ll let us be part of your fashion journey.

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