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2021 Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! Thank you for being here and reading this December blog.
Cheers to the Season

What does your holiday season look like? Will you be keeping your gathering small and just to your immediate family or a small cohort of friends? Or will you be extending your arms to bring in more loved ones? Perhaps, you’re travelling! During this time last year, family gatherings, travelling and even festive spirits with friends seemed like a dream and now it’s a reality!

My plans include taking a few moments to reflect on the past year and my gratitude for every person, partner, business, company and collaborator with whom I was fortunate enough to work! Every client who trusted me with their precious purchases and image consulting, I thank you! Every small and large business who trusted our alignment and my reputation enough to collaborate, I thank you! Everyone who supported life/styled by spreading the word and sharing with someone else, I thank you! There are a thousand ways that I have felt the support of the life/styled family and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

Cheers to having plans! Cheers to gatherings! Cheers to giving!

Inevitably, all this cheer can bring a little layer of stress. Whether you are someone who thrives in the hustle and bustle or if you are a person who feels the pressure, we all have questions about what to gift the impossible to please on our list! Cat-loving, eccentric aunt with a love of anything purple and a new found obsession with Crypto currency? I’ve got you covered!

With December upon us, allow me to make it easy for you and absorb your stress! Contact me today for ideas and to allow me to suggest gifts they’ll love, I arrange your gifts from Holt Renfrew for you and wrap and deliver them to your door! No extra fees beyond your purchase!

So, if you are looking for festive fashion or gifts for everyone on both your naughty and nice lists, life/styled will make your holiday season sparkle.

Cheers and Love,
Krista Ference

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